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Married at 12,000 ft.

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Talitha & Bobby’s intimate elopement was nothing short of adventure and romance.

Wednesday, June 9th the day Bobby had said “I Love You” just two years prior would soon be the day they say “I do”. Views of their beloved mountain town Ouray Colorado greeted them that morning from the windows of their hotel suite at the Beaumont Hotel. A charming three-story historic hotel established in 1886. Now a common place for couples looking to relax, enjoy massages, and stay a few nights in the mountains. Talitha and Bobby excited to start their day, decided a couple’s massage was just what they needed.

By midday it was time for outfit changes, hair, makeup, and all that comes with looking their best for their wedding ceremony. Despite being together all day, they opted for an intimate “first look” on the patio of the Beaumont Hotel. Here is where Bobby saw his bride in her dress for the first time. The first of many special moments shared by the two of them.

Their ride, a jeep wrangler with an open back arrived to whisk them away on their mountain excursion. A 40-minute drive, a 4x4 pass, and a skyline of mountain peaks they arrived to the spot where they would say their “I dos”. With only the mountains as their witness, Talitha and Bobby would marry themselves that day. Sharing this moment just the two of them, they solidified their vows with a kiss and a bottle of champagne. Flower confetti filled the sky while these two celebrated their marriage at 12,000ft!

Waiting for them back in Ouray was an intimate patio set-up where the two of them would enjoy a meal as husband and wife. KW Distillers, a gin and whisky distillery located at the north end of main street provided a private setting with a view overlooking the town. The patio, adorned with a eucalyptus wreath, candlelight and flowers set the mood for their romantic evening.

It was a magical evening full of gin cocktails, cake-cutting, and a gorgeous sunset. With music playing, and a sky full of colors they enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife. This romantic evening has since become a special memory that only the two of them share. A romantic evening that kept the focus on each other and their commitment to one another. A romantic evening without distractions of large crowds, “must-have” traditions, or any large-scale production that so many weddings seem to include.

In true elopement fashion, they were simply celebrated by each other doing what they love, where they love.

Interested in planning a day of romance and adventure - I'm here to help!

Planning - Mountainesque Weddings

Florist - Alpenglow Growers

Photo - Aether Photography & Films

Cake - Skillfully Decadent

Hair & Makeup - Thurston Styling Ltd.

Venue - KJ Distillers

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