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4 Things to Keep in Mind When You Start to Plan Your Wedding

Are you newly engaged or predicting your soon-to-be engagement? Maybe you just stumbled across your "One Day" wedding Pinterest board you created back in high school. Whatever the reason, I'm sure you've given that special day some thought. I'm sure you've given your bridesmaid/groomsmen line-up some thought, and I'm super sure you've given that shiny stone on your finger some thought too.

One thought however, that may not have crossed your mind is what type of wedding you actually wish to plan...

In the 80's it was "easy", you asked your sister Sally to make the head piece and you just assumed your aunt Marg would make the cake. You figured the ceremony would be at the family church, with streamers and balloons to follow at the community center down the street. There you have it, a traditional 1980's wedding. Phewww aren't you glad it's 2021!? Where wedding possibilities are endless, and head pieces are no longer. You are free to create a day that reflects your true style and love story. You can be as traditional or as trendy as the next gal or guy, and you can celebrate with as many or as little guests as you would like. I'm telling you the possibilities are endless, so why limit yourself to the traditional wedding thoughts!?


Here are 4 things to keep in mind as you start to plan your wedding:

  1. Who do you want to be there? Stawwwp. I already know what you're thinking - Doesn't my whole family need to be there? All 12 of my aunts and uncles and my 24 cousins? Won't they be mad if they don't get an invite? No. There are SO many ways to address those family members (who you haven't seen since 8th grade) that you've decided on a smaller celebration. Plus chances are many of them won't come AND you more than likely won't get a chance to talk to them if they did! There I said it. When you think of your guest list, keep it immediate, keep it special, and keep it YOURS! (Not dad's co-workers who you met one time at a Christmas party). Your guest list is arguably the most important thing to keep in mind - it will help in determining the next three things.

  2. What type of location do you envision? Nothing is out of the question these days, and I mean nothing! Are you a beach-goer, mountain-lover, get married in a barn type of gal? Do you prefer city lights, sunsets or good ol-fashioned bonfires? Where do the two of you like to spend your time? Your location sets the tone for your wedding, and will ultimately determine the type of wedding you may have. A destination wedding on the beach will more or less be a smaller micro-wedding. A local venue in your hometown, may attract some wedding crashers, and a mountain-top for sunset will most likely include your closest family and friends. It's important that the two of you choose this special location together.

  1. Your budget... Oooo what an icky word. Who created budgets? Try not to think of "budget" as such a bad word. You budget everything else in your life, so it's important that you budget this once in a lifetime day! Are you the couple with the "yolo" mentality ready to max out credit cards and splurge on every aspect of your day? If so, that's fine no judgement here. Maybe you're the couple saving to buy their first home, penny pinching expenses and only wanting the intimate aspect of your special day. I love that too. Budgets can have a bad stigma, but I'll tell you one thing with an even worse stigma - a " DIY bride". That's where I'm here to tell you, there's way to keep your budget small but to keep it classy. There's also ways to utilize a larger budget sharply and effectively. There's also an easy rule of them when it comes to budgeting; The larger the guest count the larger the budge. Wedding planners are a great tool when deciding on a budget. They'll know average costs of vendors and venues and can save you time and MONEY when you first start planning! Mountainesque Weddings offers initial consultations to help with your planning needs.

  2. What things are most important to you on your special day? Umm.... everything? That seems like a broad question, I know. Trust me, some things you won't even think about on your wedding day and other things will stand out to you more than you would like. Music for example is a make or break deal for a lot of couples! If there's not good music, there's not good dancing and if there's not good dancing then it's not a good party. They're not wrong... Another important aspect that many couples choose not to splurge is professional photography! Trust me when I say this, photos are the only way you can truly relive and reminisce on this special special day! Your wedding will go by in what seems like 5 seconds, and you'll want these captured moments to cherish forever and ever. Other important aspects may include culture or family traditions, honoring certain loved ones or including fun activities that describe the two of you. It's important to choose at least three things that will stand out to you, and make your celebration even that much better.

Now that you have some thinking points, plan a day where the two of you can relax on the couch and really give thought to what's important to your love story. It's a day to celebrate your relationship, and commitment to life's adventures together! Now let's start planning!

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